Artist’s Statement

My work highlights the relationship between how one explores a cave, and how one explores the urban environment in order to assert the importance of investigating one’s surroundings. Just as one would carefully search through the dark caverns of a cave to find the objects and nuances that will make sense of the underground environment, one should seek out the nuances of their urban environment in order to do the same.

Though my work pulls from many literary and artistic influences such as Yi-Fu Tuan and Paleolithic cave painting, the core of my work depends on exploration, observation, and reflection. Following these steps has led me to create works such as Please Use the Revolving Door, which depicts my perspective of the revolving door as not just an abundant and practical element of Chicago, but as a personal symbol of my time and experience in the city as well.

Much like Katsushika Hokusai, who looked upon Mt. Fuji as the visual embodiment of Japan before reflecting on its likeness over and again through woodblock printing, I use sculpture, illustration, and poetry to reflect on the complex relationship between the city, the cave, and myself.