I was given a space to work with that I walk everyday. What I set out to do was create a project that elevated a single redeeming element of that otherwise boring space. I realized that every so often, from one end of the hallway, the sound of clicking metal, flowing water, and slurping were one of the few elements that gives the hallway any semblance of life.

Fountainhead was meant to show my appreciation for that one audial element. Consisting of four sculptures that hung over the fountains, with one sculpture containing a short poem honoring the sound that emanates from the fountain, the piece was intended to not only elevate that sound, but solidify a bond with that space that I traverse daily as well.

It was my hope that a passerby might stop to investigate the piece and spend time in the space before discovering the hidden poem. Afterwards they were free to decide if the piece had any relevance to them, or return it to its original state and walk away.

This project was made possible thanks to The Fountains Foundation at 916.