A Walk Across America for Mother Earth

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Cardboard Car
Cardboard, Wood

Cardboard Car

Set Pics

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All “Set Pics” Photographed by Michael Courier


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Cast and Crew

Joshua Baggett (Rehearsal Stage Manager), Rebecca A. Barrett (Lighting Design), Janette Bauer (Production Stage Manager), Scott Dickens (Properties Designer), Katrina Dion (Assistant Director), Laura Durham (Casting Director), Julian Gonzalez (Production Manager), Izumi Inaba (Costume Design), Liesl Krieger (Assistant Costume Designer), Ellen Maddow (Music), Bonnie Metzgar with Eric Hoff (Director), Ian Olsen (Technical Director), Melissa Phillips (Rehearsal Stage Manager), Jon Schneidman (Music Director), Yu Shibagaki (Scenic Design), Aaron Stephenson (Sound Design), WITCH HAZEL (Choreography, Additional Sound and Costume Design)

Breon Arzell, Nikos Brisco, Nick Combs, Sean Ewert, Alex Grelle, Luke Michael Grimes, WITCH HAZEL (Deven Casey, Imp Kid and Ariel Zetina), Ruth Margraff, Morgan McNaught, Sadie Rogers, Angelica Roque, Johnard Washington