Snowball Diary Page 1

6 years! We were together for 6 years! It was the greatest triumph of my life when I asked her out. I waited until our class trip to the coast to ask, and after the first day of activities we snuck away to the beach near our campsite. We took a winding dirt path that scaled the cliff side, and once we were there everything was perfect. By the time the tide had crept through the shoals and to our feet, we had talked, laughed, kissed, and laughed some more. After that, I figured if we could make it through high school then we would be together forever. But that was before she started receiving acceptance letters from schools on the other side of the country and her attitude suddenly changed. My friends just don’t understand the pain that I am going through, especially with prom just a few weeks away. Now I’m stuck with a corsage, condom, and no date thanks to her. I can’t even sit for more than a minute without feeling restless and sick to my stomach. I end up just staring at the clock until my thoughts boil over and make me either want to cry, or put my fist through the wall. I wonder if she is thinking about me right now. She was the love of my life, and now I’m going to be alone forever.