Snowball Diary Page 3

God help me. Twenty years of loyal service to that mill, and even that is not enough to save me from this temporary layoff. What is this country coming to when a flood of cheap Canadian lumber can cause a man to lose his job? Management claims that we will be up and running in a matter of weeks, but I’ve seen these situations go from bad to worse too many times to be fooled. How am I going to tell my wife? She refuses to work, my son won’t go to a community college, and I have a pile of bills that I may, or may not, be able to pay next month. I suppose if I dip into our savings then we can get by for a few months, but at this point I might prefer to sell a kidney if it means our home won’t go into foreclosure. It’s too bad I can’t sell them both. I suppose if we keep these dogs and cats well fed, they could get us through the winter. I’ve grown attached to a few, so that wouldn’t be my first choice, but what can you do when the food runs out? I never had to worry about these things when I was single.