Snowball Diary Page 7

Every day. Every fucking day these guys take a shot at us. There are so many bullet holes lining these HESCO’s now that it looks like someone was writing their name with an AK. I still can’t get over how big a shit hole this place is. It’s so isolated, and I can’t figure out why we need to be out this far. I just wish that I didn’t have to think anymore. The second I saw this OP I knew I would die out here, and now those thoughts rattle in my brain relentlessly. The CO told us there aren’t many countries left without troops involved in this thing. Everyone is picking a side and showing up for the party. Usually they come from every direction, day and night, so close sometimes that you can hear them changing clips. Then the calls start coming in for a medic, and I immediately do an inventory of friends in my mind because I never think it could be them that have been hit. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Either way it puts the bad guys one step closer to busting in here and cleaning house. Maybe that is why I can’t sleep anymore. All day I dig holes, check houses, dig more holes, burn feces, and then finish the day digging holes. But I guess it’s better than doing nothing. When I do nothing, I just think about when they are coming next. When are they going to hit us again? When are they coming?